iPhone 8 User Guide and Manual Instructions for Beginners

When purchasing your brand new iPhone 8, we know how important it is to make sure that you can get your device up and running with no fuss.

By accessing the iPhone 8 User Guide, you will be provided with the answers to all your questions, whether you’re simply looking for basic startup instructions, help on how to insert your SIM card, assistance on connecting your phone to WiFi, or the more technical aspects of setting up your phone such as linking your existing email accounts to your new phone.

This user guide allows you to confidently and securely set up your iPhone 8 to maximize functionality.

The following manual is reflective of an iPhone 8 operating on iOS 11 and will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to get the best out of your new phone.

iPhone 8 User Guide and Instructions for IOS 11 (PDF Based)

This is the official iPhone 8 user guide and manual instructions PDF in English provided by the manufacturer.

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Download iPhone 8 User Manual PDF

NOTE: Please ensure that your device is operating with the most recently updated version of Adobe Reader to access the contents of the guide. If you do not currently have Adobe Reader installed, you can do so for free at https://get.adobe.com/reader/

iPhone 8 Unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theatre

Another fantastic addition to Apple’s top-selling range of smartphones, the iPhone 8 was first revealed to the public on the 12th September 2017 alongside the highly anticipated iPhone X, at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple Park campus with a release date set for the 22nd September 2017.

The natural successor to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8, combines previously proven technology with brand new features to create an enhanced version of everyone’s favourite smartphone.

The design itself is not too dissimilar to its predecessor; however, the iPhone 8 does boast the addition of a glass back, wireless charging, a faster processor and inevitably, drastically improved camera technology and displays.

The bulk of the internal hardware is shared by both the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, meaning that its the smaller differences you will need to be paying close attention to when purchasing your phone.

The latest additions to the iPhone family have received mixed reviews, with the very best complimenting the difference made by the new, faster processor and the useful addition of wireless charging.

But, while convenience charging is something to get excited about, many have been left feeling like it is not enough to compensate for what is perceived to be an ageing, over-utilised design.

Moving forward, a complete overhaul of the design should certainly be something for the tech giants to consider if they want to silence their critics.

After all, a sale is often made initially by the aesthetic appeal, and if the aesthetic appeal does not stand out from what a person already has, then, is there any need to upgrade?

That aside, the iPhone 8 remains an improvement on what has come before it.

iPhone 8 Manual Instruction

Key Things to Note from The iPhone 8 Instruction Manual

While previous iPhone owners won’t notice any drastic differences in the setup process for the iPhone 8, the user guide is incredibly handy, especially for new customers.

More so, it provides existing users with a refresh on the basic functionality of their device as well as allowing them to better explore the new additions.

The user guide provides an in-depth instruction manual for setting up your iPhone 8, tips and troubleshooting information, providing not just a useful source of information for the initial setup of your phone, but also providing a focal point to reference back to should you have any other questions as you grow more familiar with your phone.

Inserting Your SIM Card

The first thing to consider when you’re setting up your brand new iPhone 8 is how to insert your SIM card.

To be able to use basic functions such as network services, calling and text messaging, it is important to ensure that this is the first thing that you do.

So, once you have ensured that you have attained the correct SIM card for your phone then you can learn how to insert a SIM card into your iPhone 8.

Completing Apple’s Setup Wizard

One thing that Apple always seems to excel on is providing the user with a fantastic, easy to use setup wizard. Once you have gotten your phone charged and inserted your SIM card – you’re ready to go.

Simply turn on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple will guide you the entire way and allow you to fully understand all the basic functions of your phone. It may be a little lengthy, but it will give you a real understanding of how your phone works and its key features.

If you are in any doubt at all about how it works, you can, of course, refer back to the user guide which will help you along the way!

Other Important Components of the Manual Book for iPhone 8

Connecting to The Internet

One of the key functions of a smartphone is its ability to utilize the internet. Making sure that your iPhone 8 is internet-ready is hugely important.

As long as your SIM card is activated and appropriately credited, you should find that you can use the card’s network functionalities quite easily and you will very quickly find yourself connected to the internet.

For many, WiFi plays a huge role in getting the best out of your smartphone, so by following these simple steps, you can quickly get yourself connected:

  • Click on your settings.
  • Tap the WiFi icon.
  • Tap the WiFi network that you wish to connect to.
  • If applicable, enter your security password.

For many popular apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, an internet connection is necessary, so making sure that you’ve got a connection up and running is of great importance.

Linking Your Email Accounts

Having your emails connected to your phone where you can conveniently access them with ease is something that should be addressed as quickly as possible.

By adding your primary email account quickly, it allows you to not only access your emails but to link your account to different apps that you may choose to download, creating a more efficient user experience.

Once you’ve mastered the aforementioned setup aspects, you will find that your iPhone is not only ready to use but easier to use and you’ll be able to get the very best out of what the phone has to offer.

However, you still need to explore the iPhone 8 user guide as it is recommended for you in order to be able to use it properly.

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