How to Add Effects to Live Photos on iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

The users of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus who love talking, dancing and singing should know that there is a new way that Live Photos can now be edited. Apple has really come so fast to provide this thing. If you want to add effects to live photos on your iPhone 8, read these tips below.

And some of you who likes to capture an image as part of the live photos probably want to add the effects to make it more attractive. Remember that since the name is Live Photos then it means live capturing photos, not taking photos at first and then edited it.

Steps to Add Effects to Live Photos on Your iPhone 8

On iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, you can make the picture of you or any other thing that you shoot to be more interesting. One of the things that can make it interesting is that there are some effects that you can apply for your photos.

add effects to live photos

To add effects to Live Photos, head to the Photos app and choose Live Photos. After that, pick a shot and you can swipe up to reveal the Effects. Select the effects that appear there such as Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure. If you like to animate your live photo automatically without press on them, try to choose Loop effect.

Before you decide to save or upload it to your social media, it’s better to see how each effect affects your live photo. After that, find the best one that suits the photo and the one that you like.

And now you can practice it and feel free to express yourself through the Live Photos. You can capture and repeat capturing photos as you like and then edit them directly as you want.

With the effects that you can use on Live Photos, you can take a selfie or capturing beautiful objects directly then edit it in just a second. This is so easy and interesting which probably becomes one of your favorite things to do on iPhone 8.

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