MQ742LL/A ( MQ742) – Gold iPhone 8 (64GB)

  • Generation: iPhone 8
  • “A” Number: A1863, A1906[4], A1907
  • Bootrom: Bootrom 3332.
  • FCC ID: BCG-E3159A, BCG-E3171A
  • Internal Name: D20AP
  • Identifier: iPhone10,1
  • Color: Gold
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Model: MQ742

What’s the difference between “A” number and “SKU” or Model name?

Apple uses 2 different numbering systems for its devices. Both are interchangeably referred to as “model” number by Apple. Basically, “A” number is a more generic identifier, used to describe a family of devices, whereas “SKU” or model number is used to describe a specific configuration of that model, including color and storage space.

How to find your iPhone 8 model identifier and “A” number?

On your iPhone 8 tap Settings, then go to General, and select About. Scroll down to Model Number. This is the SKU. To learn your A number, tap the Model number one time, and it will change to a numeric string that starts with A.

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