How to Record Facetime Calls on iPhone 8 in a Simple Way

For you that want to use FaceTime and as a newbie maybe want to know how to record FaceTime calls on iPhone 8 or how to screen record on iPhone 8. In this modern era, it will help us to keep in touch with another person easily. Maybe you want to save the moment and replay it on another occasion.

But maybe you feel so confused how to record it because the application doesn’t let the user record the conversation. So, let check the steps here and practice it soon.

record facetime calls on iphone 8

Steps to Record FaceTime Calls on iPhone 8

The step to record FaceTime calls on iPhone 8 is very useful. Because you are able to record the screen while using the FaceTime but you can’t record the sound. To resolve the problem, we must try some trick to make everything run well and you will do it easily.

  • The first step is by plug the iPhone 8 to the Mac by using the USB cable. But before it makes sure that your device unlocks and the home screen is visible.
  • Next, open the quick time application on the mac.
  • After open the quick time application, you will go to the file and new movie recording.
  • In the screen, you will click on the sign with arrow down button and don’t forget to choose the iPhone 8 under the camera section. To do it, the QuickTime will record what happened on the screen of your iPhone 8.
  • Please click the red button to record in QuickTime and then start the FaceTime call.
  • When you are making a call, hang it up and click the same button to stop the recording process. After that, the FaceTime recording will available soon and you will go to the next step. For the following step, you must go to the file > save to save the recording to the computer system.

Well, record FaceTime calls on iPhone 8 is not really difficult, right? You will record the call for privacy or to keep the memory of your conversation with lovely one. Besides that, it will save your memory with your family that lives so far away overseas. It will relieve your feeling while you miss them and will motivate you all the time. So, let’s practice it soon to keep the precious moment with your lovable person.

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