How to Record High Resolution Video on iPhone 8

The good news for the iPhone 8 and iPhone is that they receive an upgrade for the video quality. And you can take many benefits from this upgrade. You can now shoot the video up to 4K at 60 frames per second. The devices are also capable of shooting up to 1080p at 240fps. But that’s for the slow motion video.

If you want to record high resolution video on iPhone 8, follow the simple steps below. If you’re looking to record the screen of your iPhone 8 – check out this “How to Screen Record on iPhone8” guide instead.

record high resolution video on iphone 8

Steps to Record High Resolution Video on iPhone 8

To record video in high resolution on your iPhone 8, you can follow this guide.

  • Open the Settings menu and choose Camera. Then choose the menu Record video.
  • You will see many options here and you should choose one. Choose the one that suits your need. There is information on the options that you can read.

For the slow motion video, you will need to open the different section. Find the slow motion setting under the Camera, it appears as Record Slo-mo which means to record the video in slow motion mode.

You can practice it and see how it works. You can change it or just keep the setting as your default setting.

Another function

The camera isn’t only to capture the photos and to shoot the videos. But it is also useful for you to scan the QR Code. It is very easy to scan it using the camera so you don’t need third party app to do it.

To begin, open the camera setting as you open it before. You will see the menu of Scan QR Codes. To make your camera capable to read the QR codes, you need to switch on the toggle next to the menu. Tap it and now you can read the QR code through your phone.

To do it, you can simply open the camera app and find the QR code that you would like to scan. Point the camera at the code and wait for the camera to read it.

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