How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 8? Follow the Steps Here!

The screenshot is a feature that must exist in every Smartphone. Screenshot usually used to take a picture of a conversation or is now popularly used for taking pictures on social media, whether status or images. Many people take a screenshot of their gadget for many reasons. For you who are the new user of iPhone 8, it is an ordinary thing if you feel confused. Calm down, it is easy to do how to take a screenshot on iPhone 8. There are some ways you can try. It is different from the Android version. Therefore, you have to follow the steps.

take screenshot on iphone 8

Steps to Take Screenshot on iPhone 8 Easily

To do a screenshot for every phone is almost same. It is done by pushing certain key combinations. For example, for Samsung product by pressing home and power button simultaneously. Other Android products also use that way to do a screenshot. However, what about iPhone? You can see how to take a screenshot on iPhone 8 here.

  1. Press combinations of key

The first way to do a screenshot on iPhone 8 is pressing combinations of some keys. You can press the side button and home button simultaneously. If you do it, you will get screenshot. This is the simplest way can you remember.

  1. Use Assistive Touch

Another way to take a screenshot is to use the Assistive Touch feature. If you want to use this way, you have to activate it. To activate Assistive Touch is by going to Settings menu -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch -> Enable. Black circles will appear as alternatives to screenshots. Then, view notifications and return to the main screen and more.

  1. Use application

This method is usually used for them who like to add text, effects, or to create memes. The app will have more options for editing the image. Many screenshot apps are available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free. Next time I will try to review the best screenshot app for iPhone. While please try which one you like.

Well, that’s all about how to take a screenshot on iPhone 8. Hopefully, help for new using iOS. The new user commonly confused about what they should do to get screenshot. Taking a screenshot is needed for you who want to share your chat or something which is important for many people. It can be the authentic evidence also. Please share to friends who may not know.

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