How to Set and Use True Tone on iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus

One of the things that become the people problem when they just own the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is the tone. The tone is the brightness of the phone’s display that affects the way you use the phone. You can set it to be bright and darken as you want. Here’s a simple explanation about True Tone on iPhone 8.

There is something new about this tone system that called True Tone. It was first available on the iPad Pro as the new display technology. And as the producer, Apple brought it into iPhone.  It works by automatically adapting the screen based on the lighting condition around the phone’s environment. It will display the colors that are consistent with different environmental situations.

true tone on iphone 8

For some iPhone users, this may become the new thing so they ask for a guidance. If you are one of them, below the tips to turn it on or off.

enable true tone on iphone 8Making True Tone on iPhone 8 On and Off

The first tips are to turn on your True Tone. To turn it on, go to the Settings then choose the Display and Brightness. Find the True Tone menu and flip the toggle next to True Tone menu.

To turn it off, do the same and just swift again the toggle. And you will see that it is off.

Alternative way to Access True Tone

If you think it’s not simple enough to turn it on and off, you can do it another way. As an alternative way, you can swipe up the Control Center. Find the brightness slide then press and hold on. And finally, you will find the toggle for True Tone and Night Shift.

You can now practice it and use it at the right time for you. After knowing how to turn it on and off, you can set it as you need at any time you want. Definitely, it will help you when you use it.

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