How to Use Portrait Lighting Feature on Your iPhone 8 Plus

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have major similarities to each other, and most tricks and tips apply to both devices. But, if you want to add portrait lighting to your photos on iPhone 8, you will find that this particular setting is different for the two devices. The portrait lighting feature is missing from iPhone 8 , but do read  “How to get iPhone 8 Portrait Mode?” if you still want to learn how to get the portrait effect.

In this article, you will get the tips for the iPhone 8 Plus only. You may have heard the Portrait Mode before, but if it’s not enough for you then there is Portrait Lighting. Here’s how to use Portrait Lighting feature on iPhone 8 Plus.

use portrait lighting feature on iphone 8

Before knowing how to add that feature, you need to know about that feature. So it consists of five types of lighting effects. There are Natural Light, Contour Light, Studio Light, Stage Light and Stage Light Mono. For your information, it is not a filter effect but it uses facial land marking and a depth map that captured by dual cameras. It offers different lighting options.

Simple Steps to Use Portrait Lighting Feature on iPhone 8

To use it, open the Camera app and then tap the Portrait Mode next to the Photo menu. Now, you will see there is Natural Light menu with some circular symbols. They appear above the shutter icon.

After that, hold down and move your finger to the left and scroll all of the options. Choose one effect and then tap the shutter. But before capturing the photo, make sure that you have positioned it in the right distance.

For your information, the Stage Light and the Stage Light Mono effects, you can fill the subjects face in the circle as you want. And this mode also no longer takes only two photos, but there some special additional effects.

At last, you can use the different lighting effect just in case you dislike the original photos. It is at the bottom of the screen.

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