How to Use Your iPhone 8 as a Spirit Level Simply

There is something unique that you can do with your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. It is to know your spirit level. Surely it is new for you, or even you may hear this for the first time about this. So, what is spirit level means and how does to use the trick? If you want to use your iPhone 8 as a spirit level, read the simple tricks below.

It is better to understand the spirit level first before using it. So, the spirit level in this term means that indicates the surface whether it is vertical or horizontal. This is useful for you if you to measure something because it will help you much.

iphone 8 spirit level

Is it accurate? Yes, it is. Apple has calibrated it to in a perfect way so it will be so accurate. And below are the steps on how you could do the measurement.

Steps to Accessing iPhone 8 Spirit Level

Actually, to measure the spirit level is using the hidden ways because Apple doesn’t provide a direct app to measure it. So, where is it? It is in the Compass feature.

To activate it, go to your Compass app and then swipe left. There you go; you can now see the spirit level. You will see the number as a degree, it is a degree at which surface your phone is crooked. There are two circles that highlight the angle of your phone. Try to wiggle your phone to line the circles up. You will an interesting fact that it will turn to zero.

Not many of us know that there is a term for this measurement. It is called inclinometer. If you want to reset the default, you can tap the screen at any point to set it as zero degrees and then tap again the screen to reset the default. Hopefully, it will help you to do things in your life.

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