How to Use iPhone 8 as a Spirit Level (it’s not in Compass app anymore)

There is something unique that you can do with your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. It is to measure the spirit level. There’s no need for a dedicated tool, inclinometer, no need to download any apps. There’s built-in functionality to measure spirit level.

iphone 8 spirit level

In our tests, the tool is not 100% accurate, but in most cases it will get the job done.

Steps to Access iPhone 8 Spirit Level

The location of Spirit level actually changed in iOS 12. It’s no longer located in Compass app. If you are on iOS 12 or later, go to the Measure app instead. By default it’s located in the Utilities folder.

There you will be presented with 2 options. Measure and Level. Select Level, and there you have it.

The spirit level will show you how crooked the surface you placed the iPhone on is. The feature will also show you two white circles to highlight the angle at which the surface is crooked.

Hopefully the surface is not crooked, and you will see a helpful 0 and the screen will light up green.

Additionally, you can temporarily reset the 0 position, if you tap on screen when it’s not on a perfectly level surface. In that case, your screen will turn red. And you will see the degrees compared to that fixed position.

It’s important to remember this, as you will see confusing numbers even if you set the phone on a flat surface with this setting enabled.

To reset it to default, simply tap the screen one more time.

2 thoughts on “How to Use iPhone 8 as a Spirit Level (it’s not in Compass app anymore)”

  1. I swiped left on the Compass app and it did not go to Spirit Level. It remained on Compass even when I tapped Compass it didn’t go to Defaults. What’s wrong?

    • This was an old suggestion. For the recent version of iOS on iphone8, you need to go to built-in Measure app. Then simply select the “Level” option.


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